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Патчи – заплатки

Пара обновлений к масштабным боям на полях Первой мировой. А такие бои нынче разворачиваются сразу в двух свежих играх – Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! и Commander – The Great War. Последний, впрочем аддон, но вполне самостоятельный.

Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! – v1.01(744мб)

Добавляет в игру совместимость с новейшей Windows 8 и правит баланс в кампаниях. Скачать тут.

  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility
  • Significant reworking of the 1918 Ludendorff Offensive and Russian Civil War campaigns, with numerous enhancements to all the other campaigns.
  • and as a festive treat, the 1939 Storm over Europe campaign is now included for Breakthrough!, having been extensively edited to improve game play and balance.

Commander – The Great War – v1.1.4 (7,6мб)

Множество мелких и средних фиксов, плюс серьезные правки баланса и AI. Скачать тут.

Bug Fixes:

  • Spelling fixes
  • Tsaritsyn city location fixed (behind Volga)
  • Easiest AI (handicapped) will now correctly receive penalty instead of bonus!
  • Can no longer detach enemy commanders
  • Map terrain & railroad fixes
  • Can no longer swap armored trains to hexes without a railroad
  • “At War” Commander requirement no longer checked if nation is still neutral.
  • Evert (Russian Commander) bonus changed to reflect his description.
  • Calculation of remaining turns for technologies displayed in research tab fixed.
  • Fixed Italy surrenders message
  • Fixed Russian/Greek Cyrillic installation bug
  • Fixed Airships inability to attack revealed submarines


  • German counter color changed (darker) to differ more from Russians
  • Convoy kills are counted as naval kills (in stats & Commander requirements)
  • Combat penalty for amphibious attacks decreased.
  • 1915 Scenario: Entente AI will attempt Gallipoli invasions.
  • Early submarines deal less damage to convoys.
  • Anti-sub upgrades rebalanced.
  • Battleship cost reduction, naval unit upkeep reduced.
  • Improved opening moves for Austria-Hungary AI, emphasizing on outflanking attempt
  • German AI now pushes harder in France.
  • Central Powers AI builds more subs.
  • AI defends the USA and Britain better if these are the only surviving nations.


  • Morale penalty for disbanding a Battleship + event message.
  • Capture events for Rome, Milan, Madrid, Sofia & Washington
  • Several events for Greece’s part in the war.

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