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Патч 1.03 для SCWW1 Breakthrough!

С летними делами совсем пропустил большой патч для Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! Всем обладателям игры советую обязательно обновится. Патч вносит ряд важных фиксов в движок игры и главное – массу изменений в игровых кампаниях.

Скачать патч можно тут. Ниже привожу полный список изменений (на английском):

Игровой движок - изменения:

Игровой движок - изменения:

– fixed a swap unit error
– fixed a naval unit movement error that would cause surprised naval units to end their move in an enemy controlled port (Falk)
– fixed a morale drop error for forced march units that did not apply the full morale loss in some cases (Stefan)
– fixed a supply calculation and display error
– units with limited AP due to 0 supply can now move into an adjacent resource provided enemy zone of control is not a factor (Bill R.)
– improved AI combat algorithms
– improved 3D unit mirroring or facing algorithms

Кампании - изменения:

Кампании - изменения:

1939 Storm Over Europe

– Media: refugee1.bmp and the png files
– French unit morale now falls when Belgium is conquered by the Axis.
– French unit morale now falls when there are two Axis units within four tiles of Nancy.
– Base Soft/Tank attack values for Tactical Bombers reduced from 2 to 1 (Catacol Highlander).
– The German Tactical Bomber that starts near the Polish Corridor now starts with level 1 Ground Attack tech.
– Refugees will block roads in Northern France when Belgium falls, reducing Allied supply in the area NE of Paris.
– Naval Loops added south west of the Azores for the Allies (The K Man).
– Kesselring spelling corrected (Strategiclayabout).
– The Allied AI will now support the Yugoslav coup every time (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).
– Mekili (283,93) will now be affected by the Malta Effect (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).
– The effect on Allied naval units in Norwegian waters has been reduced from moving Norway 15-20% towards the Axis, to 3-8% (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).
– One Soviet mine has been added in the Urals, to start producing when industry is transferred from the Ukraine, and the Allied AI will receive two further mines.
– Stalino has been changed from a city to a town.
– If the Soviets carry out the Winter War then when Finland joins the Axis some Finnish units will deploy at half strength; whereas if the Winter War isn’t fought then they will deploy at full strength.
– Soviet winter toned down (Catacol Highlander) and it will be better targeted to avoid it having any effect in most circumstances on Finnish units.
– Hodges added to the US HQ build list (Dan Fenton).
– Cost of the Operation Chariot Decision reduced from 50 to 20 MPPs (Dan Fenton).
– AI’s responses to Decision Events amended (Ancient Demon).
– Weather in Flanders and the UK amended (Strategiclayabout).
– The cost of Production Technology for the UK reduced from 175 to 125 MPPs, and for Industrial Technology from 150 to 125 MPPs and the UK now starts with 1 chit invested in Production Technology (Dan Fenton).
– France now starts with level 1 in Advanced Aircraft (Strategiclayabout).
– De Gaulle raised from a rating of 4 to 5.
– Greenland will now transfer to US control in April 1941 providing there are no Axis land units in the country (Ancient Demon).
– The maximum number of chits that can be invested in Infantry Warfare is now 2, and the cost for the USSR of researching this has been raised to 225 MPPs.
– Duplicated French unit names removed (Dan Fenton).
– Disruption range of Soviet partisans amended (Strategiclayabout).
– The effect on Soviet mobilization of an Axis landing in the UK has been decreased from 20-25% to 10-15%, so that this is in line with the effect it has on US mobilization (Strategiclayabout).
– Pop up amended for Operation Mercury so it will fire when Greece falls provided there are no Allied units in Crete (Strategiclayabout).
– The cost of Infrastructure research has been reduced from 100 to 75 MPPs.
– France will now receive 50 MPPs to help reform the army when it is liberated (Dan Fenton).
– Images added to the Victory reports at the end of the war (Dan Fenton).
– The Axis AI will now automatically take Luxembourg after France and Belgium have fallen, if it has not done so before (Dan Fenton).
– German Tank build limit increased from 9 to 10.
– Increased Italy’s Occupational Efficiency to 100%.
– Reduced the Operational Air Minimum Connection Supply value from 5 to 3.
– Decisions 303 & 616 corrected, relating to the US opportunity to ask Germany for surrender terms.

1870 Franco-Prussian War

– Added this campaign, please refer to the Player’s Guide for more information (Bill R.).
– Wörms renamed Worms (Xwormwood).
– The Eifel Tower has been removed from Paris (Xwormwood).
– Siege Artillery’s movement sound file corrected (Xwormwood).
– Prussian Metz pop up corrected.
– The Player’s Guide has been updated to explain when the French will be charged for the Northern Expedition (Ivanov).
– The Player’s Guide now mentions the utility of the H Hotkey to determine whether or not units are on the trigger points for besieging Metz and Paris (Xwormwood).
– Scorched Earth turned off and both France and Germany’s Occupational Efficiency set at 80%.
– National Morale value of Ports, Towns and Villages reduced slightly.
– Saarunion renamed Sarre-Union (Xwormwood).
– Metz surrender script fixed (Xwormwood).
– The Empress Eugénie is now mentioned in the guide (Ivanov).
– Strengthened the French Garrison units (Ivanov).
– Sound files corrected (Ivanov).
– A French Medical script corrected (Ivanov).
– Pop Up Message for Napoleon’s abdication/surrender corrected so that if he has returned to Paris then he will abdicate and leave France, whereas if he remained with the army then he will surrender.
– Unfinished road corrected near Belfort.
– Strength scripts amended to speed up the end of turn process.
– Some French Franc-Tireur scripts added/increased in effect.
– French AI forces at the highest level boosted slightly when Gambetta arrives in Orléans.
– Road and railway fixed at Chaumont (Ivanov).
– Flanders weather zone increased slightly in size.
– Victory Conditions amended to give the French a better chance (Ivanov).
– Von Moltke’s Pop Up advising how to capture Metz corrected.
– Victory images added.
– Some of the Empress’s pop ups amended, so they won’t all appear in every game, and also to improve the text of one relating to the Emperor’s ill health.


1918 Russian Civil War

– Media: WhiteSituation1.bmp
– Bolshevik Horse Army decision event text corrected (Strategiclayabout).
– White Objective Announcement added for capturing Perm (Strategiclayabout).
– River added near Perm (Strategiclayabout).
– Lithuanian army deployment changed (Strategiclayabout).
– Makhnovist unit script relating to the use of guerrilla warfare corrected (Strategiclayabout).
– Garrison script added for Ufa (Duke of York).
– AI purchase scripts amended (Duke of York).
– White AI offensive scripts added (Duke of York).
– Fixed two British Decision Events that weren’t charging MPPs for long enough (Xwormwood; Admiral Hipper).

1914 Call to Arms/ 1914 Ostaufmarsch/1914 Russia’s War

– Romania now swings 1-3% per turn towards the Entente from January 1916 if Belgrade is in Entente hands.

1914 Call to Arms/ 1914 Ostaufmarsch/1914 France’s Struggle

– Removed Antwerp from the Belgian capital list and made it a Secondary Supply Center.
– Capturing Mulhausen will now boost French National Morale by 500 points (Altaris).
– French Cavalry unit script text added (Xwormwood).

1912 First Balkan War

– Bulgarian Divisions’ defence factors increased from 3 to 4 to represent their larger size (Aryaman).
– Ottoman Albanian Legion Decision Event fixed (Ancient Demon).
– Ottoman at start Strategy Advice timing corrected (Ancient Demon).

1914 Call to Arms Strategy Guide

– Added an explanation of the occasional upset to the US caused by German naval activity in the Atlantic, irrespective of whether or not unrestricted naval warfare is used (Xwormwood).

1914 Call to Arms/ 1914 Ostaufmarsch

– Pop up text relating to the union of Bessarabia with Romania amended.

1914 Call to Arms/ 1914 Ostaufmarsch/ 1914 Russia’s War

– Media: typhus1.bmp; typhus2.bmp
– Capturing the Galician Oil fields now boosts Russian National Morale by 1,000 points.
– There will now be a typhus epidemic in Serbia over the winter of 1914-15.

1914 France’s Struggle

– French Cavalry unit script text added (Xwormwood).

1914 Russia’s War

– Verdun pop up date corrected (Omegaman1).

1914 March on Paris

– Troyes and Melun Map Text Corrected.

1918 Ludendorff Offensive

– Italian Trench Warfare reduced from 4 to 3 (Ivanov).
– US Division’s defence stats reduced, though their offensive power remains higher than all other countries.
– US per turn Military Income lowered from 300 to 275 MPPs (Hyazinth von Strachwitz).
– Three extra German Brigades deployed, and the German Brigade build limit has been raised (Catacol Highlander).
– French Fortress defence fire added to Verdun (Ivanov).
– US army amalgamation script corrected.
– The effectiveness of the German tank unit has been reduced (Ivanov).
– British income increased by 25 MPPs and French by 40 MPPs a turn.



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