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Battle Academy – Updated 1.7.0

Свежий патч 1.7.0 для Battle Academy.
Патч приурочен к скорому выходу дополнения Operation Sealion. Кроме подготовки данных основной игры для будущего дополнения, патч включает исправление множества мелких ошибок и правки баланса. Качать тут (290мб). Подробности на официальном сайте.

Описание изменений на английском.

+ Changed the way multiplayer cookies are used to reduce the issues some users had logging in and uploading turns.
+ prevent right click from actioning End Turn button
+ stop deselect unit from working while units moving
+ custom carryover data now possible.  Simply create a Carryover_Data attrib array, and the first 7 elements will be saved and loaded from the carryover save data automatically.
+ fixed bug where indirect fire could cause infantry to remain on map even when dead (was trying to use the AP attack on them if the unit on the targeted tile was AP, even though it was hitting their tile, and should have attacked them with the HE code)
+ stopped camera move to hidden units that bog/break down in enemy turn.
+ Many minor bug fixes
+Various unit balance changes
•    British tanks breakdown rate reduced by 70%
•    4inch gun lorry now does not bombard but suppresses more with direct fire
•    AT rifles reduced in effectiveness
•    Sticky bombers’ attacks adjusted
•    Sturmpanzer accuracy and reload rate reduced
•    Auxiliary units morale and assault skills increased
•    Luftwaffe pilots HE damage decreased


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